1. Taken with instagram

    Taken with instagram

  2. What a wonderful name for a hot dog joint. Stumbled upon this little gem walking around the neighborhood today. Had a good laugh.

    What a wonderful name for a hot dog joint. Stumbled upon this little gem walking around the neighborhood today. Had a good laugh.

  3. NEW SITE IN THE WORKS. Here’s a little taste.

  4. Signage and wayfinding for IIT’s McCormick Tribune Campus Center.

    Different Type/color choices for interior wayfinding. The interior of the building includes a beautiful red orange color, mahogany wooden panels and a sleek array of metal. I’m thinking of using the exquisite interior walls and panels to support the wayfinding experience, so bringing in an accent color is essential. The red-orange color is already an accent, so lets see where this leads me.

    On another note, I really enjoy how DinPro is looking.


    Used a fancy new Cannon EOS 50D Mark II today to photography some of my new work. I Thought this would be pretty interesting. Turned out great. Here’s a few of those photos

  6. 4 Logo Samples for a hair Salon Identity Project in the works, in which I created the name for, ”The Glamour Bar”. Still waiting on feedback, but this project should be exciting. Yes, color will be added later.

  7. Working on a new leave behind for clients and possible jobs within agencies. Beauty in the making!

  8. This puts the I-pad to good use… finally. Maybe Apple could somehow make the back magnetic, without ruining the hardware. That would great.

  9. In the middle of creating a serif font book with text graphics. Here is the front and back cover design.

  10. Feminine wow?

    Went shopping with the wife today and she stumbled upon a great new package design for the “feminine product”…U by Kotex. A really new angle on the dull and old package. I really don’t pay attention to any of the womanly powered products (make-up, beauty creams, etc.) but this one really stood out, made me change the way I look at design and pay more attention to everything around me.

  11. Ad for Lowe’s. Not to sure if I agree with this typefaced used, doesn’t really agree with me at all. I’ll give it a 5/10.

    Ad for Lowe’s. Not to sure if I agree with this typefaced used, doesn’t really agree with me at all. I’ll give it a 5/10.

  12. Finally somebody thought of this *Slap Design

    In a vast world of bookshelf design, I would think that this would come a little sooner. After looking over a few design sites I stumbled upon this bookshelf design that made me slap myself. Its so obvious. If you have a few books on a shelf, its really annoying when they start to tumble over and look sloppy. Even if you have a separate stabilizer they still tend to keel over like senior with out his crutch.

    Here is a brillant “Slap Design" lets call it.

    Slap Design -  A design so obvious, you slap yourself for not thinking of it first.

    The block moves back and forth along the bookshelf to keep the books from falling, no matter how many books are on the shelf. We as designers need explode with ideas like this. Simple solutions to everyday problems. Most of the time we don’t think about the simple things, we want to work on the complex windy roads of crazy options. Having this brought to my attention (once again) propels me to create something like this, possible project in the making? I think so…

  13. Carry it Out Logo Design

    Designed 4 distinctly different logo designs for a company called Carry it Out.

    Carry It Out is a software program in the learning/social networking space where our software package allows people to set particular goals and get community support while striving to achieve their goals.

    Here is some of what the client wanted.


    The Carry It Out site should conjure feelings such as:
    Collaboration, Hope, Community, Assistance, Achievement, Improvement, Support, Advancement and Inspiration

    “ When people see our logo, we want them to basically feel like our site can help them “Carry Out” their dreams with the help of others.”

    Implicating the information from the brief I created the 4 following variations of logo designs.

    1. Represented someone helping (lifting) another to achieve their dreams (the star).

    ***2. An achiever (a winner holding up a trophy) and his shadow is everyone who helped them achieve his/her goal (backing them up).***

    3. A silhouette of a person being surrounded helpers. The other element in the logo is the helpers are also 2 hands presented in a way that would "push" the person forward toward their goal. 

    4. A fun play on the carry it out acronym. Creates a smiling face.


  15. Project Ki *Interior of Restaurant*

    Finally came up with an interior for the sushi restaurant “Ki”.

    Its a nice modern take with a feeling of welcomeness. I wanted to expel the feeling of openness and serenity. With the Ki’s vibrant green I could accident the right pieces in the restaurant to create a well balanced experience. From a lounge area to a bar something in the air just makes this place feel like your in another world.

    "Fulfillment, with taste."